Hello world! Welcome!

In 2000, I felt it was time to own a website. By 2006, I had purchased a domain name and found a webhost.  Yet, whereas the original site had a blog designed by me (don’t ever do this), and up to TWELVE webpages (don’t EVER do this, unless you really, REALLY have a lot of wisdom to impart), and a color scheme I thought was cool (it wasn’t), the Tabber the Red site has matured into a three-webpage wonder: its color scheme wows its viewers. Each page bears my own customized banner and badge of the character the site is named for (PLEASE make your own badges). Tabber the Red is my ‘official spot’ on the web according to WikiFur (Wikipedia for “Furries”). I also had it in mind that the website, though it bears my creations and tastes, must remain tasteful and professional to a degree. I did not want my site to be my downfall in the job market (it became an asset many times over).

Now, just as I have spread my wings to the Blogosphere, I realized, again, the website must do what it was originally created to do in the first place: be my cyber-business card.

That means that the blog “In Pretty Print”, having gone live in 2010, was an extension of my muses and musing.

I created “The Copper Sphinx” in 2012 to showcase new artwork and current art projects.

Later, I expanded to the professional DeviantART community with “CopperSphinx” in 2013.

Now, from “Tabber the Red” Official Site’s shoulders, I remove the burden of its Work Cited page to another. This is the site you now view.


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