Monthly Archives: November, 2013

I’m also a deviantARTist now

Several people over the years have told me to get myself to DeviantART(r) for the longest time. For several personal reasons I won’t disclose, but that my peers know about, I didn’t take that step to showcase my artwork, still feeling my way around the Net, Social media, and the writing world. Now that I …

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My October “ThirdSundayBC” Post! Next (and last) one coming up!

Yes, Baby “Life Ain’t No Crystal Stair”(R) and Neither is the Writing Life Third Sunday Blog Carnival: October 2013

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Sad news but also wonderful news!

NOTE TO VISITORS – Third Sunday Blog Carnival is changing its format and will no longer accept submission posts, however, it will still feature literary news, so still stop by! Last Chance to submit your personal blog posts to Third Sunday Blog Carnival  **DEADLINE: December 15, 2013!**

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