On Growing to Hate “Safe Spaces”

From my friend and fellow MFA’er on Trigger Warnings.

Maggie Felisberto's Blog

As my career as an MFA student comes to a close this week, I’ve been thinking back over the major things I’ve learned from doing this program.  What is low-residency? Where exactly in Florida is Tampa? Is there a depressingness limit in fiction, or can I just completely throw my characters under the bus all the time?  While it’s true that my writing has grown and changed significantly in the past two years, my own character as a person has made what might be an even more noteworthy transformation.

When I started the University of Tampa Low-Res MFA, I was sick.  I was fighting a crippling case of PTSD and social anxiety that made so many of the functions difficult to attend.  So often, I knew there was nothing to be afraid of, but I would still be terrified.  I had panic attacks during readings and heightened opinions during lectures…

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