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I’m Goblinrant and my real name is Carmen K. F. Welsh Jr. I am a short fiction author, speculative artist, essayist, and comic creator.

“The Angry Goblin” is my bibliography blog. Here, you will get updated info about my published works and events!*

*NOTE: Once a work has been accepted and printed/posted, or an event is announced and available to be uploaded. This includes recent writings and art, out-of-print works, and events I participate whether as podcast or video panel.

This blog exists so that my readers don’t have to Google-search my name (Which you can. It *still* works).

Just as I created “Pretty in Print”(on Google Blogger) for musings on creativity and “CopperSphinx”(on Deviantart) to showcase my body of art, this blog will be a continuance for the “Tabber the Red” website.

Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think! You can also follow the blog though it won’t update as quickly as Pretty in Print!

And in everything, be thoughtful and prudent.

2 responses to “About Site”

  1. Hi Carmen. Love the colours of your site leader.

  2. Looking forward to it! Red and white are my favorite colors!

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