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Kyanite Press Speculative fiction Journal Jul/Aug 2019 is now available online at Barnes & Noble!

Kyanite Press @ Barnes & Noble

Kyanite Press: JUL/AUG 2019 is available on Amazon as a paperback!
“The Human Network” by C.F Welsh (Thatsa me!😊)*Mario voice* Kyanite Press Jul/Aug 2019 PB

Kyanite Press: JUL/AUG 2019 also available to purchase on Kindle!

Kindle edition here!

My SF story “The Human Network” is now available on preorder from Kyanite Press via Kyanite Publishing on Kyanite’s official website.

The Kyanite Press: Volume 1, Issue 6 (JUL/AUG 2019)

Kyanite Press Vol.1 – Issue 6

My craft talk essay “Fighting Against the Bloat” is out in The Tishman Review 4.2It is available as a PDF, and on Amazon.com as a hard copy or Kindle e-book

NOTE TO VISITORS: Thanks to a nifty Florida-based business, Second Ed, my short stories that were long out of print are available again! You can purchase the magazines with the links I provided!

Second Ed online store [Not only ‘furry’ but manga, art CDs, graphic novels, and more!]

My comic strip “Geek Muses: Writer’s Block & Inspiration” is now in The Tishman Review 3.3 literary journal! Purchase the issue on Amazon.com

A short story based on my novel-in-progress is in literary journal “Prick of the Spindle” Issue 9! *AVAILABLE NOW* on Amazon.com! ‘Prick of the Spindle’ in Kindle and ‘Prick of the Spindle’ in Print

Purchase Volume #9 *HERE* – http://prickofthespindle.org/product/print-edition-issue-9/

“Where did childhood and Childcraft go?” – April 2013 American Athenaeum Front Porch Issue [PRINT] on Amazon.com

April 2013 American Athenaeum Front Porch Issue [BONUS ISSUE Version] on Amazon.com

“White Ministrant” – ANTHRO #12: Jul/Aug 2007 [online]

ANTHROlogy Two [Anthology/Print] PURCHASE – ANTHROlogy Two by Quentin Long (Editor)

ANTHROlogy Two [Anthology/eBook] PURCHASE – ANTHROlogy Two by Quentin Long (Editor)

“The Contract” – Fur Visions 31 2005 *UPDATE* PURCHASE Fur Visions 31

“The Merchant’s Daughter” – PawPrints Fanzine Issue 12 – Fall 2001 *UPDATE* PURCHASE PawPrints Fanzine #12

“Su Ling” – PawPrints Fanzine Issue 11 – Spring 2000 *UPDATE* PURCHASE PawPrints Fanzine #11

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