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My craft talk essay “Fighting Against the Bloat” is out in The Tishman Review 4.2  – It is available as a PDF, and on Amazon.com as a hard copy or Kindle e-book

NOTE TO VISITORS: Thanks to a nifty Florida-based business, Second Ed, my short stories that were long out of print are available again! You can purchase the magazines with the links I provided!

Second Ed online store [Not only ‘furry’ but manga, art CDs, graphic novels, and more!]

My comic strip “Geek Muses: Writer’s Block & Inspiration” is now in The Tishman Review 3.3 literary journal! Purchase the issue on Amazon.com

A short story based on my novel-in-progress is in literary journal “Prick of the Spindle” Issue 9! *AVAILABLE NOW* on Amazon.com! ‘Prick of the Spindle’ in Kindle and ‘Prick of the Spindle’ in Print

Purchase Volume #9 *HERE* – http://prickofthespindle.org/product/print-edition-issue-9/


“Where did childhood and Childcraft go?” – April 2013  American Athenaeum Front Porch Issue [PRINT] on Amazon.com 

April 2013 American Athenaeum Front Porch Issue [BONUS ISSUE Version] on Amazon.com

“White Ministrant” – ANTHRO #12: Jul/Aug 2007 [online]

ANTHROlogy Two [Anthology/Print] PURCHASE – ANTHROlogy Two by Quentin Long (Editor)

ANTHROlogy Two [Anthology/eBook] PURCHASE – ANTHROlogy Two by Quentin Long (Editor)

“The Contract” – Fur Visions 31 2005 *UPDATE* PURCHASE Fur Visions 31 

“The Merchant’s Daughter” – PawPrints Fanzine Issue 12 –  Fall 2001  *UPDATE* PURCHASE PawPrints Fanzine #12

“Su Ling” – PawPrints Fanzine Issue 11 – Spring 2000 *UPDATE* PURCHASE PawPrints Fanzine #11 




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